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What's Calling You?

What's calling you? You know, that deep inner call from within pushing you to a new level of living and being...that inner pull to do, be, or have more or different than where you are now...that deep desire that lives in you, taking over your dreams, tapping your shoulder constantly, determined not to let you forget or ignore. THAT call.

Is it a call to a new career or job? A call to begin honoring your gifts, talents and passions? A call to honor your body? A call to be a better mother, friend, father, husband, wife, etc.? A call to trust yourself more? A call to create more balance and harmony in your life? A call to discover what you REALLY want, who you REALLY are, and what's gonna REALLY make you happy? A call to stop playing small? What's yours?

Inner calls can be big (leading you to make big changes) or small. They can feel like giant bullhorns blasting in your ear or subtle whispers you barely recognize. Whatever form they come to you in, they're there to serve you, support you, and to move you forward along your journey...even when it doesn't look like it. For example, there are inner calls that are designed to use you in support of others. Even those calls uplift you to a higher YOU through your service. SO, they're all in you FOR YOU. Your good. Your growth and expansion.

So, there's nothing to be afraid of.

You can let it in. You can acknowledge it and listen to it. You can feel it fully and allow it to fill you up. You don't have to resist it or run from it.

And know that these types of deep inner desires and calls come with their own plan. So, you don't have to have all the answers. How awesome is that, right!?!

YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS. So, you don't have to know the why, how, when, etc. If you just let it in, befriend it, appreciate it, and get curious about it, it (the call, the desire) will show you the way.

So, now...what's calling you?

I'd love to hear from you! What's calling you? Are you ready to answer the call? Leave your comments below.

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