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A Free Teleclass with Pam Smith

(Life Passion Coach, Pursue Your Passion, LLC)

“Revealed:  The Top Mistakes Professional Make That Keep You Feeling Stuck and Unfulfilled & How To Avoid Them!”

Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 7pm EST / 4pm PST

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re starting to feel the inner tug that you might want to do something completely new and different for your work, but you’re not sure what to do about it.

  • You know you want more, but you’re not really sure what that “more” is, yet you somehow know that it will bring a new level of fulfillment and meaning to your life.

  • You feel trapped, like you can’t do much about what you’re feeling because of circumstances or you’re constantly thinking, “What are others going to think?”

  • You find yourself going through the motions to get through the day because you really feel like you no longer fit with what you’re currently doing (or maybe you’re realizing that you never did fit.)


If that’s a “YES!” or even a “MAYBE” to any of these, then know that there IS a pathway out of this and into you following that inner call for more, doing work that you love, and enjoying your life more on your terms.  And it all begins right where you are with the awareness of what you’re doing and not doing that could be hindering you and keeping you stuck.

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You see, when that inner tug for more is born within you, a shift occurs that impacts how you approach your current work, how you see yourself in your work, and how you behave toward your work that can push you deeper into that stuck and unfulfilled space without your conscious awareness.  You simply find yourself living the effects of it without really knowing why.


But when you become aware of what’s really going on within you and what you’re doing or not doing that could be hindering you and keeping you stuck, you regain your power and open yourself up to begin discovering and really stepping into what that “more” is for you.  And the awesome part of it all is that you’re better able to utilize your current work and everything around you to support you!  I want that for you!


So, I’m super excited to share with you the most common blindspots that professionals have that keep them stuck, in my Brand New FREE teleclass,“Revealed: Top Mistakes Professionals Make That Keep You Feeling Stuck and Unfulfilled & How To Avoid Them!” on Thursday, September 22nd at 7pm EDT/4pm PDT. 

On this ground-breaking call you’ll learn:

  • The most common reason professionals find themselves feeling stuck and unfulfilled and the critical mindset shift needed to break free.

  • 5 things to avoid at all cost if you’re feeling even the slightest twinge of unfulfillment in your work or life that will save you precious time and energy.

  • The secret to addressing that inner call for more, while taking care of business, and reclaiming your power to live life on your terms.

  • The #1 way to easily begin applying this information in your life and bypass the procrastination trap (like you really need one more thing on the to-do list to have to figure out how to get done).

  • And much more!


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"Working with Pam really helped me tap into my inner strengths.”


Pam is not only passionate about people living their passions, she's also keenly focused on helping people gain the tools they need to do so. Being coached by Pam has really helped me tap into my inner strengths to create what I want in my life. She keeps me accountable to my goals and dreams for my life and provides me with the opportunity to explore ME, which has been priceless. She's been a blessing to my life! - P. Green, Owner - SPA I AM

"Pam's a natural.”


Pam’s a natural. She coaches even when she’s not coaching. Our talks are often the fuel I need to keep going. – P. Comer, Program Manager

"She supported me to a place of confidence, clarity and commitment.”


Pam’s great! Immediately through working with Pam I began feeling a shift (an opening) within me. Space, compassion, great change, and other good things began slipping into my life. She has supported me to a place of confidence, clarity around the direction for my life, and commitment to taking action and making it happen. I’m incredibly grateful! – R.L., Special Education Teacher

"Pam has helped to guide me in the right direction and I’m grateful.”


Pam has been extremely helpful and supportive of my endeavors and I truly appreciate her! She has helped to guide me in the right direction and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with and be enlightened by her. – C. Parks, Writer

"Pam helped me grow in confidence and boldly take leaps.”


The first time I met with Pam was an enlightening experience, as she helped me step into my awareness that serving others must be based in truth and means little if I do not trust myself, my capabilities, or my purpose in life. This caused a significant shift in my life that helped me grow in confidence and boldly take leaps forward toward my goals. – K. Banks, Artist/Writer/Speaker

I know first hand from my own experience when the call for more hit me almost 20 years ago and I see it everyday with my clients.  Without awareness of what you're doing you miss the opportunity to choose and consciously take actions toward what you want.  So, I'm going to reveal what's really real, so you can move forward and begin discovering your "more"!

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We promise to never sell, rent, trade or share your email with any other organizations.