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Do What You Love Virtual Boot Camp
A 5-Week Coaching Program with Pam Smith


Take Your Passions & Deepest Desires Off The Shelf

And Begin Making Them Real & Achievable! 


Starts March 3, 2016

Are you ready to finally dust off those goals and dreams you’ve had sitting, waiting for you on the shelf and really begin getting into action? Is it time to take the limits off your life and really step into what you want most? Do you dream of doing what you’re most passionate about and really following that inner call for more but you can’t seem to get going?


If that’s a resounding YES, then this is for you.


This coaching program is focused on supporting you in uncovering what you want most and taking actions toward your highest fulfillment. It’s designed to guide you through a proven systematic approach to clearing and aligning your pathway in order for you to fully step into your fulfillment and what you truly love for your life.


Get ready to learn how to:


  • Unlock the hidden chains that have been keeping you bound – No more not knowing why you don’t move forward or why your actions don’t match what you say you want. Gain clarity on what’s holding you back and learn how to let it go! 


  • Access your innate abilities (your values, your vision, and your power) – Release the feeling of misalignment or disconnection with yourself. Learn how to reconnect to you and your power.


  • Uncover what the possibilities are for you – Stop worrying about having it all figured out before you let yourself make a move or wondering what everyone else is going to say about you and see what’s really possible.


  • Identify and begin implementing what’s most fulfilling in the way that best supports you! – Instead of spinning your wheels or trying to do what others have done when it doesn’t feel right for you, learn how to step from possibilities into continuous action with your own unique roadmap. Get from where you are to where you want to go while honoring you. 



You’ll have 5 WEEKLY Step-by-Step Training Calls. Work on your goals and passions with me by your side each week.




This program is for you if you are DONE with feeling unfulfilled. You know there’s way more for you to do, have, and be in your life than what you’re living and you’re ready to jump in with both feet, even if it’s a little scary. You want to learn how to get moving and you’re committed to doing what’s necessary to begin making deep lasting fulfillment your reality.




We'll meet once a week, for 5 consecutive weeks, starting March 3rd. All classes will take place Thursdays at 7pm ET/4pm PT; all classes will be recorded for your convenience and sent to you within 24 hours along with handouts/worksheets.




No problem!  Everything will be recorded, and you'll be able to listen within 24 hours. 




  • Bonus #1 - A Week 6 Live Q&A Call.  Get ALL your questions answered LIVE with me on this bonus call so you’re really moving forward! 

  • Bonus #2 - Free One-on-One Strategy Session for the first 11 people who register




The boot camp coaching program alone is valued at $497.  Add in the bonuses and it's over a $600 value.  But you're not going to pay that.  For a limited time, the program with bonuses is only $149.  Payment options are available upon request. 



Ready to grab your spot?




This is probably the most important question. The answer is pretty easy though.  Just look back at the last year (or couple of years) and ask yourself these questions: Can I afford to let myself spend another year like that? Do I have the energy to continue denying myself and not following what I feel called to do? Am I willing to let my fears keep me from fully living and doing what I love? If your answer to any of those is no, then you know what to do!


Do What You Love Virtual Boot Camp Coaching Program

Price - $149

(value over $600) 

“Pam’s great! Immediately through working with Pam I began feeling a shift (an opening) within me. Space, compassion, great change, and other good things began slipping into my life. She has supported me to a place of confidence, clarity around the direction for my life, and commitment to taking action and making it happen. I’m incredibly grateful!

– R.L., Special Education Teacher, New York






“Pam has guided me to gain a renewed focus on my goals and dreams while achieving amazing personal breakthroughs. I have literally transformed my thought process to one that I am truly happy to exercise each and every day. I am, beyond doubt, on my way to discovering my true life purpose and reaching the apex of my potential."

– Tamara Toney | Project Manager/Fitness Trainer - Atlanta, GA

“I'm in a much better space and have clearer perspective & focus on what is really important in my life. I thank you sincerely for helping me to hone in on my life priorities & align my actions/choices with those priorities! May God continue to richly bless you and use you to help others fulfill their life purpose."

– R. Ross | HR Executive


Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential.  The testimonials used are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.  Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. 


*We promise to never sell, rent, trade or share your email with any other organizations.

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