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A Free Teleclass with Pam Smith (Life Passion Coach, Pursue Your Passion, LLC)

“Step Out of Your Way & Let Your LIFE Shine:

Top 3 Ways To Make This Your Best Year Yet…Starting Now!”

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Mark your calendar for Saturday, February 6, 2016 at 11am EST / 8am PST

Dial-in details will be emailed to you before the call!

On this life-enhancing call you'll learn:


  • The most powerful tool you possess for achieving your goals and creating what you deeply desire in your life AND how to engage it to work for you.

  • The most common reason for not achieving your goals and dreams and how to move beyond it to step boldly forward.

  • Top 3 steps to take to achieve ANY goal no matter how long you’ve been procrastinating on it.  Most people overlook these important steps, particularly when it comes to their personal passions, dreams, and goals and end up settling for much less in life.

  • The most powerful action you can take, after you’ve done all you know to do, to pursue your goals that opens the doorway for miracles to happen.

  • The most critical mindset shift you need to have in order to see any significant results from your efforts to pursue your passions, dreams, and deepest life desires.  You don’t want to step forward without this.

  • And much more… 



See you on the call!




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