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What's Your WHY This Holiday Season?

Do you know why you're giving gifts this holiday season? Surprising question, right? Well, most of us are habitual beings and much of what we do and how we move through our lives is based on habit. It's a conditioned way of being or doing that occurs without conscious thought. We oftentimes think of habits with regard to specific aspects of our lives, like the day-to-day activities, but not regarding things like how we approach the holidays and how or why we behave the way we do during these times.

Because the holidays can be stressful, it's usually prime time for those habits to kick-in as we tend to go on auto-pilot. We get into DO mode (i.e., doing those things we do EVERY holiday - finding the perfect gifts, finding the perfect decorations, planning the perfect meal, etc.) simply because it's what we've always done or have been expected to do.

The challenge is when habits drive our behavior during holidays AND WE HAVEN'T CHECKED-IN to see what feels right and what doesn't. WE HAVEN'T ALLOWED ourselves to grow and evolve in our way of being during the holidays so that we stay connected and move in an authentic and meaningful way. When that happens there's a chance that we can miss the beauty of the season...miss the true essence of the holidays. So, where are you? Do you know why you're giving gifts this holiday season? If your answer is "Yes" and you feel connected with your giving and sharing and the way you've chosen to execute it this holiday season, I applaud you.

If your answer is "No" or if you realize it's because it's what you've always done and the way you've always done it but you feel disconnected from it in some way, then I challenge you to take a step back. Allow yourself to reconnect or establish a new connection to your intentions for giving gifts. What does the holiday season really mean to you? How would you like best to share that meaning with others? Allow yourself the space to uncover what feels right for you. Always remember that the purest form of giving is simply to Love. It's the greatest and most precious gift we can give or receive. Sometimes sticking to the basics (i.e., love, service, compassion, joy, quality time, etc.), which tends to require more of us...more of our essence and our true being, helps us stay awake and aware throughout the season and connected to the true spirit of it.

Your Turn Now: I’d love to hear from you! What's your WHY? Leave your comments below.

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