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Are You Listening To The Whispers?

"Great power comes to those who are willing to

listen to the whispers of their spirit instead of the shouts of the world." - Jeffon

Are you listening to the whispers?  The whispers of your heart and soul?  The inner nudges of your spirit?  Those inner nudges that can start out really faint, almost unnoticeable, but you notice them... or you think you did or maybe you dreamed it.  That’s how faint they can be, where you question yourself as to whether they were real or not.  If your listening muscles aren’t fully developed yet, it can be super easy to chalk them up as not real or something you made up.  Most of us are super busy anyway, so who needs more things to do…  Right?


Well, in my experience, I’d have to say, I don’t know about that.  When your heart and soul are wanting or needing your attention, it’s not just one more thing to do.  It’s WAY bigger than that.  And you can rest assured that your heart and soul will continue to nudge you until you listen. 


You are loved THAT MUCH. 


They will never give up trying to get your attention.


So, listening to the whispers is like a gift.  A wonderful opportunity to respond from a place of strength… a position of power… a place of choice.


And the inner guidance that lives in those whispers and inner nudges from your heart, soul, and spirit are there to SUPPORT you.  

Did you hear that? SUPPORT you, not scare the crap out of you, set you up, or destroy you… Support you in your journey, oftentimes in ways you never even knew you needed.


So, are you listening?


Use these questions to help raise your awareness of what you're doing:

·      Do you feel something tugging at you from within and you've consciously chosen to ignore it?

·      Are you wanting or needing to understand the whispers?

·      Are you too busy to listen?

·      Is fear keeping you from listening or trusting the whispers?

·      Have the whispers gotten loader over time?

·      What do you need in order to slow down and truly begin listening? 


Remember, having the opportunity to listen to the whispers is truly a gift.  Receive your gift.  Listen and honor the guidance that lives within you.


Your life will thank you in ways you could never imagine!

© Pursue Your Passion, LLC

Pam Smith is a certified life coach, business consultant, and professional actress. She supports professionals and entrepreneurs in trusting and honoring their deepest desires and passions to finally begin creating a life they love.


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