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When Is The Right Time To Give Up On Your Goals, Dreams And Passions?

Okay, so you hear the call. You know, that inner call that says be more, do more, share your gifts with the world, make the world a better place, or __________ (you fill in the blank). You set out to pursue it, put action behind it, do it. You get some traction, maybe even some success, but things look different than you expected.. record companies aren't knocking your door down to get you, your phone isn't ringing off the hook with new clients, you only lost 3 pounds instead of the 50 you hoped for. Or things are progressing, but man is it S-L-O-W. BUT you still feel that CALL, even more than you did before you started pursuing it.

"What's Happening!" "Why!" "Is this a sign that I shouldn't do this?" All kinds of questions come up and regardless, the inner pull...inner knowing hasn't changed one bit. It's still there on the foundation of your heart. What to do? Do you give up?

Of course this is a personal decision, but let me give you some things to think about as you really look at this (and trust me, I can write a book on this and maybe I will, but for now I'll keep it short. For now.)

Now, this is a very personal and soul stirring question. I mean, to me this is like asking when do you give up on your purpose or reason for being. Once you know at your deepest core what your passions and purpose are or have a strong desire that's moving you forward to a better you, to turn away from it blocks you and can even destroy a part of you. It's like choosing to go through life breathing through only one nostril. Can you imagine? You can still breathe, but the air you receive is just never as fulfilling or as deep or enough. That inner alignment and the ability to be fed at your deepest core, gets blocked. And sure, you can convince yourself that you can focus on other things, but nothing, no matter how fun, exciting, or great it may be can replace that connection with passion and purpose....that alignment with your inner call. So, as long as the flame of your calling burns within you, NEVER give up.

Now, there are things you can and should do along your passion journey to allow for change, growth, and new direction, so that your passions continue to serve you and you continue to serve and contribute in the way you desire. I mean, we're all continuously evolving, so it's natural for the forms through which we express our passions and purpose to evolve as well.

Another important thing I want to point out is that your calling is not always about you. I know that may sound strange, but it's very true. Oftentimes, your passions and those burning desires are there for you to ultimately be used in service to others. So, the greatest thing you can do regarding your passions is to get out of the way, to stop trying to control it (don't freak out if things look different than you expect), to allow and trust your inner guide, to follow its guidance and to be willing to grow in the areas you're called to grow in... Let me say that last one again: be willing to grow in the areas you're called to grow in. I know, a SUPER tall order, but all of this moves you toward reaching what you were originally called to.

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In closing, as long as the flame burns inside you, staying on your passion journey gives you the unique opportunity to tap into the unlimited potential within you. So, don't give up. Simply allow for the natural evolution of your life passions and the full expression of it in the world. By doing so, you get to maintain a powerful connection with passion and purpose, you get fed at your deepest core in incredible ways, and you make contributions to the world you never thought possible.

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