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If Not Now, When?

Life, in this physical form, is such a finite concept, yet we often act as if it's infinite. Why is that? We say or think things like: "I'll do what I really want to do later." "I'll participate in things I'm passionate about later." "I'll be happy later." Even though every fiber of our being is saying something different. Tell me, when is later? If not now, then when? Creating a more fulfilling life and living your passions. When? Accomplishing whatever goals you've set for yourself. When? Taking steps to move toward the amazing vision you have for your life. When?

The only real answer is NOW. NOW is all we have. Unfortunately, oftentimes we don't embrace NOW, because we don't feel it's realistic or doable. Well, here are some tips that can help make NOW more realistic and doable:

Replace the "all or nothing" mindset with a "something is better than nothing" mindset. Oftentimes people feel that if they can't do something "all the way" or 100% they would rather not do it at all. This way of thinking can be very limiting and keeps most people from trying new things or stepping into their life passions. Another negative effect is people can get so overwhelmed attempting to do everything "all the way", they quickly give up and become hesitant or afraid of ever trying again. Give yourself permission to take small steps, even baby steps, toward your goals and objectives. Each step generates energy and momentum for the next steps. Recognize that participating in your areas of passion in ANY way (e.g., as a hobby, part-time interest, volunteer opportunity, etc.) will enhance your life. It doesn't have to be a full-time career choice. Doing something is truly better than nothing at all.

Reconnect to you. The more our society advances technologically, the more people tend to be running and almost racing through life, loosing the true connection to self in the process. A great first step to creating a more fulfilling life is to stop running and simply allow yourself to be. Breath. Take a walk or go on a hike. Allow yourself freedom to explore you. Try new things. Notice what you're drawn to. Our passions emerge through our ability to feel. Reconnecting to yourself reconnects you to the feeling and most sacred part of you.

Give yourself permission to dream. One of the easiest ways to start pursuing your life passions now is by simply visualizing where you want to be and allowing yourself to feel how you want it to feel. Oftentimes people allow fear of disappointment or not achieving their dreams to keep them from really dreaming and wanting what they want. Avoid falling into that trap. Restore that child-like imagination that's innate in you and indulge it. You'll be amazed at how your dreams can carry you forward, beyond any obstacles, external criticisms, or circumstances, and right to the very thing you've always wanted and dreamed of. Don't let fear keep you from wanting what you really want.

Practice gratitude. You may be wondering how practicing gratitude can help move you toward a more fulfilling life, achieving your goals, and living your passions. Well, it's when we're grateful for our current blessings that we're better able and supported by the universe to move forward.

Your Turn Now: I’d love to hear from you! Do you have something you've been waiting for the RIGHT time to do? Are you ready to stop waiting and start? Leave your comments below.

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