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What Is Fear Keeping You From Doing, Being, or Having In Your Life?

“Do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain.”’ — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Really think about this question.... Most of us know what THAT fear is...the fear that holds you hostage while all you want is to run free, the fear that blocks you like a wall from accessing what you desire so deeply within, the fear that you sometimes wish was gone and other times cling to for comfort, stability, and control. THAT fear.

I've posed this question to many in my coaching business and for those who can answer, there's an underlying familiarity in the tone of their responses. An immediate knowing, like, "Oh yea, THAT." As if the question is about an old acquaintance they'd like to forget, but who's always showing up... every day....and becoming a nuisance, but also a security blanket of sorts. When a person is open, connected to their truth, and awake to their life the answer to this question can flow very easily, almost as if awaiting an opportunity to be released or revealed. In other cases, when personal awareness has yet to be reached in the person, the answers, if they flow at all, oftentimes resonate with a firm dependence on the fear and the safety it provides despite the lack of fulfillment within. So, where are you? Can you answer the question? Are you aware of what those fears are that block you from what you deeply desire? they block you? Let's take a quick look at what THAT fear is actually blocking within us. At the most basic level, THAT fear blocks our spirit's/soul's/inner self's natural progression and movement in our evolution on this earth. This is the inner progression and growth needed to take us to the next phase of our development in contributing our gifts and talents to the world. Each stage of that evolution and the directions in which we move are internally driven and expressed through our passions, dreams, and desires. When we allow THAT fear to block those passions, dreams, and desires, we block our earthly progression. We stall our ability to evolve along the natural path we were born to travel. We block the growth and development needed to reach that next phase in a whole and healthy way. In that blocked state of being, there's oftentimes discontent, internal discomfort, and unconscious internal battles between your inner self and your thinking mind resulting in a rationalization of the fear, its purpose, and its truth. This gives the fear incredible power despite your inner yearning to be free. To get away from this internal disharmony, many oftentimes unconsciously focus their energies on external things to "feel better" (e.g., work, drama, other's faults, other's lives, material things, etc.) or they simply resign that "life is supposed to be hard" and live life according to that mantra. Now, the bright spot in all of this and most important thing to know about THAT fear is that WE CAN CONTROL IT whenever we get ready to.

Too often, we consciously and unconsciously give THAT fear a level of power beyond measure, almost to the point of feeling helpless. The wonderful thing to always remember is that at any point in time, you can choose to take that power back. Through increased awareness and understanding, you can restore the amazing power of conscious choice within you:

  • The choice to move beyond THAT fear and on into whatever you want to do, be, or have. OR

  • The choice to stay where you are with THAT fear, knowing where you are and consciously accepting it.

The key is to raise your awareness of THAT fear, what it's blocking in you and how, so you have the opportunity to choose... so you don't look back over your life and wonder what happened to your dreams... so you don't feel like a victim to your own life... so you don't ever say, "If I had realized it was just my own fears holding me back, I would've done things differently."

Awareness + Understanding --> Conscious Choice

Now, I'd love to hear from you! What is your fear keeping you from doing, being, or having in your life?

© Pursue Your Passion, LLC

Pam Smith is a certified life coach, business consultant, and professional actress. She supports professionals and entrepreneurs in trusting and honoring their deepest desires and passions to finally begin creating a live they love.

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