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Are You Letting Your Passions Serve You?

"Those things that light you up inside and uplift your very being are there to serve you in your life journey. Let them." - Pam Smith

Pursue Your Passion!... Do What You Love!... Follow Your Bliss! We hear these mantra-like sayings a lot throughout our life. And most of us aspire to achieve them in some way, despite the underlying unconscious conditioning within that can (if left untamed) make them seem virtually impossible to reach in a practical sense. Where most of us land is with this “I want it, BUT…” energy driving our behavior, without realizing it. And this can be for the small passions and as well as the big ones.

But let’s take a step back. What does it really mean? Pursue Your Passion! And why is it everywhere (books, movies, self-help anything, podcasts, spiritual texts, etc.)? Is it simply a dream for most or is there something deeper to it? Could it be easier than most make it?

Well, our passions, in this sense, are our deep soul-level desires. Those inner calls from spirit to things that light you up within, set your soul on fire (in a good way), that bring you that great satisfaction, fulfillment, and purpose in your being. When you explore your passions, I mean really engage in it, you feel right in the world, you get filled from the inside out, you feel on purpose with life, and lifted in ways nothing else can. You feel aligned with spirit.

And all you need to do to receive all of this goodness, is to simply do it, engage in it, explore it, give it space in your life, so it can serve you. Simply let it in.

What most do instead is keep it outside. Put it on a shelf outside of day-to-day living until you can figure out its place and how you can make it be something, how you can make money using it, or how you can ensure it leads to something great. You put it on the back burner. You feel you need to do other things first: raise the children, make X amount of money, get organized, find the perfect class or a formal way to engage in it or you think you need someone else to give you an opportunity to engage it or give you permission.

Know that all of these are constructs of the mind (the ego) that keep you from engaging in your passions, the gifts designed to uplift your being. Your mind (if you let it) can turn this wonderful thing that brings you great fulfillment and satisfaction into something that sits on the side of your life leaving you unfulfilled or even frustrated. But there is another way.

A way that, I truly believe, was intended when the passion was born in you. A clear pathway, where you begin to access the magic your passions were born in you to create. And the key is to simply let it into your life. Let It In. Just say YES to it. And trust that it will show you the way.

© Pursue Your Passion, LLC

Pam Smith is a certified life coach, business consultant, and professional actress. She supports professionals and entrepreneurs in trusting and honoring their deepest desires and passions to finally begin creating a live they love.


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