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What If...

Do you ever wonder if you're making this whole life thing way harder than it needs to be?

Well, what if? Let's see.....What if after you transition through death, out of this physical form, you wake up to a huge welcoming party of all your loved ones who've passed on before you. They're so happy to see you and they're roasting you for making this earth journey WAY harder (totally opposite of what it was meant to be).

What if GOD says:

  • "Every time you fretted about money, I sent you an idea that was guaranteed to propel you further than you could've ever hoped for and allow you to contribute to others in a big way but you never moved on it. Why is that?"

  • "I've always been there for you, loving you when you didn't love yourself, driving for you when you were distracted by driving and texting or talking on the phone or trying to read something or making those last minute decisions to make a turn or get into another lane, etc. yet you never seemed to really trust me. What's up with that?"

  • "You know, I think you're a glutton for punishment, because I made a point of carving out time each week for you to rest, yet you NEVER did and was always busy doing something. What race were you running? What universe were YOU creating?"

  • "Those desires I put in you were designed to guide you to your highest fulfillment, but you never really gave them a chance. Instead you continually ignored them and put all of your energy and focus on what you didn't want, leaving yourself drained and unfulfilled. Why would you do that to yourself?"

  • "You prayed for love and I gave you numerous opportunities to love, but you never really did it fully, freely, openly and consistently. You held back, as if you didn't want to give too much. Almost like you were afraid that if you loved fully, freely, openly, and gave unconditionally you'd be taken advantage of or hurt. Why did you hold back so much? Even from yourself?"

  • "What would it have taken for you to live the life you desired (the one I planted you on earth to live)?"

What if....

Your Turn Now: I’d love to hear from you! What if? Leave your comments below.

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