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You Were Born To Create

I have an announcement! CREATIVE FOLK HAVE TO CREATE. Period. It’s a non-negotiable. Dancers HAVE TO dance, Painters HAVE TO paint, Actors HAVE TO Act, Writers HAVE TO write, and so on… But (here’s the thing) it’s not just artistic people or those who’ve chosen to express their art in artistic ways, it’s corporate professionals too, business advisers, managers, doctors, teachers, coaches, speakers,… it’s all of us. We are all here (on this wonderful life journey) to create. To express our uniqueness, our truth, that which flows in and through us,…to embody life-force energy and share it.

And it’s not profession based. It’s based on simply taking what’s inside of you (whatever that is for you) that’s resonating deeply, eagerly yearning to be expressed and breathing life into it. And then giving it to the world.

It started out being super-simple. Can you remember? I mean Creating in general for us. Expressing our unique essence, our truth. It was as natural for us as breathing. We expressed fully and freely. We created whatever resonated within us at the time (as babies, children). But along the journey to becoming an adult, some of us decided (consciously and/or unconsciously) that creating what was TRULY resonating within us was not acceptable, not of value, a waste of time, not possible, or too hard. We chose to “take control of life” (or at least that was the intention) and limit what we create and even direct our efforts into areas that don’t resonate at all, sometimes to the point where we have to force ourselves to do so.

And I totally get it. I mean life can be super-scary and intimidating and the feeling of “I gotta do what I gotta do” is real. I’ve been there.

But, I have to say…it doesn’t matter. Whatever story you have, logical reason you use, feeling of not having a choice in the matter, it doesn’t matter. NOTHING gives you permission to stop creating what’s truly resonating within you. And I know we do it everyday, but it’s not without a price. You don’t get a pass to stop listening within. You don’t get permission to stop expressing your truth. You’re not built that way. You are here to create. Remember? You’re here to honor that which is flowing through you. Period.

Now, let’s take a minute to look at what happens when you choose to cut that off anyway. First thing is you begin to cut off your energetic oxygen. This is REAL TALK. I mean that energy, life-force flowing through you, it’s like you cut one of the main cords connecting you to it. And connecting you to you. Some feel it immediately. For others it’s a gradual progression where the effects show up over time.

So what you begin to see is a slow progressive reaching for things outside of you that you think will help give you the connected feeling you need within. Or the reaching is for things that totally numb you out, so you don’t feel the disconnection as much and you can just go on autopilot. And the things used aren’t always extreme like alcohol or drugs. Most of the time, the things used are seemingly good innocent things (used in the wrong way) like food, shopping (acquiring things), over-working, sex, and on and on.

At the end of the day, no one really wants any of that. We simply want to do what we honor what’s pulsating inside of do what’s natural for us. We need to create! Period.

So, let’s all commit to taking the limits off ourselves…off of how we create and when we create and whether it’s appropriate or whether others will judge us. NO MORE LIMITS! Your day job is not in the way. NO MORE LIMITS! Your children are not an excuse. NO MORE LIMITS! You DO have the time. NO MORE LIMITS!

It’s LIFE or DEATH! REALLY! Death of spirit and death of your essence… And for what? When all is needed is for you to give yourself the freedom and permission to listen within and express YOU. This is your nature.

You owe it to yourself! The world is waiting.


I'd love to hear from you! What's yearning to be expressed through you? Leave your comments below.

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