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Are You Putting Action Behind What You REALLY Want For Your Life?

Everyone is crazy-busy nowadays doing their best to make a living and create some level of fulfillment along the way. We're putting it down at work, raising children, running businesses, working multiple jobs, running households, traveling, volunteering, building relationships, and on and on and on.

With all of this doing, it's very easy to find yourself in what I call the "DO Mode". That's where you're moving through that action item list (a physical list or the one imprinted on your brain) focused primarily on getting things done, taking actions, and executing.

Now, this is not a bad mode to be in, but how often do you stop and really assess all of your doing?

Do you know what percentage of your effort is focused on taking care of the basics of your life versus taking you forward toward your goals and dreams? In all the actions you're executing, how many of those actions are centered around what you REALLY want to create in your life? Keep in mind that this is about what YOU want, not what your family, children, friends, boss, or anyone else around you wants or wants for you. It's those desires you hold in the deepest part of you. Can you count the actions on one hand ...less than one hand?

In all of the doing in your life, it's critical to remember to slow down periodically to take a real honest look at your actions and assess what's supporting you toward what you really want and what's not. What's really working? What changes need to be made to maximize the impact of your efforts? Where are you letting fear limit your actions?

This type of periodic assessment protects you from the "sleep walking syndrome", where you're in the "DO Mode" (busy as ever) taking actions seemingly toward what you want, but in all of your doing you're still not progressing toward what you really hold deeply...your true dreams and desires.

The following questions will help you to quickly begin assessing your actions. Use them to assess all that you're doing or focus on a specific aspect of your life (e.g., your actions specific to your career goals, personal development goals, or stepping into your life passions). The key is to really consider the questions and be HONEST with yourself in your answers.

  1. What percentage of your effort is focused on taking care of the basics of your life versus taking you forward toward your goals and dreams? Is it time for this percentage to change?

  2. Are your actions EFFECTIVE in moving you toward your desires?

  3. Are you expending great amounts of energy to take the actions you're taking? Is it serving you? If not, what can you do to continue moving toward your goal while expending less energy?

  4. Are you putting lots of time and effort into making things perfect and "right" before you take certain actions? Is it serving you? If not, could you benefit more from releasing some of the perfection to get moving sooner on your actions? Are you open and willing to move forward with "good enough"?

  5. Are you moving on all the actions that YOU KNOW will benefit you? If not, why? Are you procrastinating? If so, what fears are you holding that could be blocking you?

  6. Are you picking the easier actions to do leaving what you consider the more challenging ones undone?

  7. Are your actions driven from a place of FAITH and TRUST or fear and lack?

  8. Are you choosing the more safe actions toward your goals when you KNOW IN YOUR HEART that it's really time for you to take some risks? What's keeping you from taking the risks?

  9. Are you READY for what you feel you want (your deep desires, goals, passions, etc.)? Do your current actions exemplify your readiness?

  10. What shifts or changes do you need to make to MAXIMIZE the alignment of your actions (i.e., all of your doing) with what you truly want to create in your life?

Remember that periodic assessments of your actions keep you moving forward toward what you really want at the pace you desire instead of in circles, where you feel like your moving forward, but you're actually right where you started. They keep you aware and awake to what you're doing and the impact of your actions so you can proactively respond, change, and adjust as needed. This will make sure that what you really want for YOU doesn't get left behind in your life.

Now, I'd love to hear from you! Are you putting action behind what you REALLY want for your life?

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