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The Power Of Gratitude In Achieving Your Goals & Creating A Life You LOVE!

Would you say that you practice an attitude of gratitude on a regular basis? Is it just when things in your life are going well or do you enter a space of gratitude when things are challenging, overwhelming, and stressful? Well, gratitude is like a super power we all have access to that helps you see the blessings of your life even when things are challenging and not working out like you hoped. It lifts you higher energetically and clears the pathway for your goodness to flow to you. Unfortunately, gratitude is oftentimes overlooked and its power in your life left untapped. So, if your answer to the questions above were "No", you're not alone. The key is to begin engaging your super power and allowing it to enhance and uplift your life.

The power of gratitude lies in the ability it gives you to see beyond the clutter and weeds (i.e., all that's not right) in your life and connect to what's right, what's working, what's important to you, your true essence, your spirit and reason for traveling this magnificent earth journey. By doing so, you open up, your heart expands, your energetic vibration shifts and positions you for receiving more good, more of what you want, and more to be grateful for. It gives you fuel to keep stepping forward towards your goals, toward creating your best life with an open heart and true appreciation for the opportunity.

So, how do you use your tool ... your super power? Well, the first and most important thing is to commit to tapping into it daily, whether you feel things are going amazingly well for you or the total opposite. Treat it like a muscle that needs to be worked regularly in order to get stronger and TRUST that as you get stronger in practicing an attitude of gratitude it'll serve you in ways you never thought possible. Use the guidelines below to support you in exploring ways to make gratitude part of your daily life and discovering what works best for you.

  • Start your day in a place of gratitude. Take a few quiet moments each morning to really be thankful and appreciate your life. It'll put you in an uplifted state of positive attraction and set the tone for your day.

  • At night before bed, review your day and become aware of all that you're grateful for from the day. Feel your deep appreciation and allow it to take you out of the busyness of your day and into a restful sleep.

  • With both the morning and evening gratitude practices, oftentimes it helps to have a specific number of things to identify that you're most grateful for and to even write them down (e.g., list the top 10 things you're most grateful for). Doing so puts discipline around your practice and is a good way to get you rolling. Of course, if you feel inspired and can go beyond your number, freely do so.

  • Start a gratitude journal. Use it as a place to honor and acknowledge the good in your life and all your blessings. Write in it every night before bed or every morning (or both).

  • On a daily basis, tell someone how grateful you are for something. The person you share with can be anyone you choose: friend, family member, co-worker, the sales clerk at the grocery store, the cab driver, a perfect stranger, etc.

  • A big part of practicing gratitude is your ability to be grateful for the difficult and challenging situations in your life. These situations contribute to your spiritual and emotional growth. Work to be grateful for the lessons and the growth they provide.

In addition to these tips, allow yourself to focus on what you're grateful for ANY and EVERY time it crosses your mind. It can take all of 2 seconds and have an impact that's long-lasting, so be willing to step out of the busyness of your day and indulge yourself. Remember gratitude is one of the many gifts/tools you're freely given to use in creating and living your most amazing life. So USE IT as often as possible.

Your Turn Now: I’d love to hear from you! Have you connected to the power of gratitude yet? How do you stay connected? Leave your comments below.

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