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It Begins With You

"It Begins With You." These words are boldly displayed across the wall in the gym I go to, right in front of my favorite treadmills. So, whenever I run, they stare at me...the whole time I'm running, waiting for me to acknowledge them and receive the message they carry for the day.

Most of the times I'm like, "YEA!! That's right! I have to take action for what I want! GRRRWW!" My energy is pretty high when I run. Then there are times when I'm not so sure and wondering, "Surely THAT didn't begin with me. How did I have anything to do with THAT? That is SO not what I wanted."

Over this last year, those 4 words have grown to mean more to me than ever before. It's funny how getting enough situations of, "How did that happen? That's not what I wanted or expected..." can bring SO MUCH clarity to you.

So here's my take.

First off, YES, I agree that "It Begins With YOU." And when I say "You" I mean me, you, all of us, humanity. You are the jumping off point, the catalyst, the foundation from which the seeds planted in you grow or don't grow, whether you realize you are or not.

Next, I believe there's much more to it though. When it comes to pursuing your passions and creating what you want most in your life, it's so super clear to me that it's actually "It Begins With ALL OF YOU" instead. That "ALL OF YOU" part is critical.

See, it's about more than the doing...the taking actions toward your goals. In many cases that's the easy part. The other part, that's just as important and maybe even more important in many cases, is who you're BEING. That's the stuff like your beliefs, thoughts, feelings/vibration, attitude, faith, perception, vision, reactions to what happens to you, the degree to which you allow or resist life, your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. It ALL matters. It counts. And I must say, that's where the bulk of the work lives. The bulk of OUR work.

When you take care of the BEING part, the tactical actions become a breeze. The internal fight chills out and YOU begin to support YOU. ALL OF YOU is working on the same team, for the same cause, with the same end-goal in mind.

This awareness has changed my world. And it all began with 4 little words staring me down while I run. I pray that it does something good for you too.

If you find this helpful and want to begin focusing on the BEING as well as the doing, click here to check out my upcoming virtual coaching program. Enrollment is open until 3/3/16.

Now, I'd love to hear from you! What does the phrase, "It Begins With You" conjure up within you? Leave your comments below.

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