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Have You Forgotten Who You Are?

“Know thyself and all will be revealed.” ― Pamela Theresa Loertscher

Have you? Real talk, this is a safe space. You can be completely honest here. Have you forgotten who you are? I mean who you really are. Not the you you’ve been conditioned to be or have convinced yourself you needed to be. Not the you you’ve turned yourself into in order to control others, the circumstances around you, your life, love, etc. (no judgement, we’ve all done it at some point). Not the you you’ve consciously or unconsciously allowed your fears to mold you into. Not THAT you, but the real you. The you you were created to be

Have you forgotten who you are? Have you forgotten how to best use YOUR energy to thrive in all areas of your life? What about how YOU best create aligned opportunities in your life? Or the keys to living your purpose? Do you remember what your innate strengths are? Or where your biggest lessons live?

We are all powerful beyond measure (yes, that includes you), yet we oftentimes live and move through life as adults as if we never got the memo. As if the greatness we came into this world with, somehow disappeared. As if the uniqueness, that makes us who we are (a unique embodiment of imperfect perfection) is not good enough, right enough, big enough, bold enough, busy enough, creative enough, …whatever enough. We’ve forgotten. Forgotten who we are and that who we are is perfect. Who YOU are is perfect. And your presence, as the real you, has the power to change the world.

So… Have you forgotten who you are?

If you’re realizing that your answer might be a YES (big yes or small yes), I invite you to join me in my Free Intro To Human Design Virtual Workshop. It’s a start to helping you remember YOU. Click here for the details and to sign up. And if you’re new to Human Design, check out my last blog post on Human Design (click here) to learn about it.


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Pam Smith is a certified life coach, business consultant, and professional actress. She supports professionals and entrepreneurs in trusting and honoring their deepest desires and passions to finally begin creating a live they love.


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